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InmoGarden Services



We manage the purchase of your property either as an owner or comparator. As an owner we advise you at all times, we carry out a market study without commitment to assess the current market value and know with what prices we can start the sale.

We take photographs of the property, advertise it and provide 360º coverage. And as a buyer, we always look for the right home for you.


Holiday rental and long stay management

With this service we offer you the integral management of your holiday apartment, second home.

We include several services and coverages such as:

– Online management of Airbnb and other platforms

– Professional profile creation to announce housing on different platforms: We take care of the complete description in the relevant languages, as well as the realization of professional photos so that it stands out about other products in the area.

– Setting the tourist rental ideal price: To do this, we carry out a relevant study based on the characteristics of the house, the season…

– Advertisements management on different platforms: We have extensive experience working on pages such as Airbnb, Booking (In case you have a license number)…

– Booking management: We take care of responding to each of the questions that the guest may have, whether related to housing, the town, their traditions.

Coordinating their arrival and a good reception without any problems at the house.

–  Processing tourist apartment licenses.

– Check-in service: for those Airbnb hosts, we have a key delivery service.

– Cleaning service for tourist apartments: We offer comprehensive cleaning service for tourist homes.

– Repair and reform service: We offer repair and renovation services with construction experts for those clients who wish to make a change in the housing we manage.


Key Holding

Key custody is the solution to those rooms or periods in which a dwelling, holiday apartment, commercial establishment or business that stay closed and unused for a time.

How does it work? It’s simple: We keep the keys of the property concerned in our security locker, and weekly or fortnightly, we access the house or premises. To ensure everything is in perfect condition.

This service is very useful for those who do not have alarms since it is an easy way to check if someone has accessed the house, if there has been any kind of flaw or damage(See electrical failure, pipes.).  As well to make the relevant checks in case you have a rental holiday apartment and cannot check it after the entries and exits.




Swaps are contracts in which two parties exchange a property of their own. It can be considered as a barter, although normally the valuation of both properties is not identical, therefore, one of the parties also contributes money.

To understand what a swap is, one must first define what a swap contract is and its relationship with the purchase contract. If you go to the primary source, the Spanish Civil Code, you will find a brief definition of the swap in its article 1.538 and following: “The swap is a contract whereby one of the parties undertakes to give something to receive something in return” .

One of the swaps that we can find in the market is real estate. In the case of the real estate exchange, both parties exchange a property owned by them although normally the valuation of both properties is not identical and therefore one of the parties also contributes money. In this case, you might think that there are two contracts at the same time, the exchange and the purchase. But if the monetary part is relatively small in relation to the value given to the swapped goods and the intention of the parties is to exchange both goods, the contract will be treated as if it were a swap.

We, in this case, offer the document management of the exchange, the legal procedures as well as the search for other people (and their assets) interested in making the exchange.

Notary fees and registration of the swap.

The Property Transfer Tax, of 7%, and Certified Legal Documents Tax, will be on both properties, when two simultaneous taxable events occur (VAT does not apply when assuming that both swappers are not businessmen).

The Tax on the Increase in the Value of Urban Land, better known as Municipal Capital Gains, a municipal tax applied to the increase in the value of urban land evidenced in the exchange.

Capital gain or losses in personal income tax. The basis on which to apply this tax is the difference between the acquisition value of the asset that is transmitted and the value that has been taken for the purpose of the exchange, with the corresponding expenses inherent to the operation.